Been having a look around the good old xubuntu (Linux Ubuntu using the XFCE window manager), its come along way from XFCE 3. Really love the stuff! If only there was an equivalent to Panics Transmit for linux, xubuntu would be my OS of choice. Just feel more at home on a linux.

Did a little customization on theĀ virtual machine I’m running. Installed gtk2-engines-equinox, then downloaded and extracted the theme Atolm’s archive, paste them in ~/.themes/ and the same download, extract, paste into ~/.icons/ for the AwOken icons. Got the wallpaper from “wallpaper wide”. Played about with some of the transparency settings and of course, the terminal preferences to have the classic, transparent black “000000” background and the green “00FF00” text.

Perhaps going to look into the ClamAV and firewall apps. Maybe get a light weight webserver running with owncloud or something. /Happy_N3rding.



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