Transmission IP Blocklist…

Yet again, adding an IP blocklist to Transmission Bit Torrent Client has become even more obscure.

Currently the only way to add an IP blocklist without using external programs is by manually editing the programs config files. This is possible on all OS’s that Transmission supports, however the file paths I’ll be using in this post are for Linux, other than file locations, everything else should be universal.

The config file can be located at:


Find the line that says: (around line 11)

"blocklist-enabled": false,

and change ‘false’ to ‘true’.

You will also need to make sure the following lines are in the config file:

"blocklist-updates-enabled": true,
"blocklist-url": "",

For basic protection, you could use ‘’. Make sure that any blocklist you use is a ‘.gz’ file to save yourself some hassle. Be responsible, always use ‘Require Encryption’ setting on your torrent client and use to optimise your speeds.

Happy downloading Linux Distros.

Transmission IP Blocklist…

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  1. […] I also installed Firefox over the default Chromium, Xarchiver for unpacking rar/zip/tar files, leafpad or geany for editing config files and Transmission bit-torrent client for downloading all my Linux based OS’s, see my Transmission post for info about optimising. […]

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