The Honey Pot Project…

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The Honey Pot Project is a terrific organisation who build and manage helpful information about suspicious IP’s. There main thing is “The Honey Pot” – a deception trap designed to get bots, harvesters,spammers etc. to spam their software which can collect information on what they are doing and warn the community about them before they cause a problem.

Webmasters/Programmers/Nerds – I strongly urge/plee with you to sign up and implement your own honey pot on your website as the more honey pots there are, the more info they can feed back to us. (on all the sites that we can [within our network] we have added a honey pot). If your not up for starting your own honey pot trap then you can always “Quick Link“, which is where you link to other peoples honey pots thus sending bad-bots to it.

When we come across some suspicious activity such as a blank page load (a page load without all the standard parameters) we check the IP against The Honey Pot database, if it’s known to be a bad-bot we automatically blocklist it otherwise we do more research.

Its a terrific project and the more people we get involved the better.

P.S. they could do with a website face lift, so get donating (data and/or money) and buying swag!

The Honey Pot Project…

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