Got my Gooseberry…

Finally got my Gooseberry through! And all of the cables (kinda).

  1. Got a HDMI micro (which was wrong, so I then got a HDMI mini) to HDMI cable.
  2. Got a USB to USB Mini cable (which was wrong, more on that later)
  3. Got an externally powered USB hub, for pluggin in HDD’s, mouse and keyboard.
  4. The Class 10 16 GB Micro SD card for Arch later on.

Got it all plugged in and finally found the power button 😛 and it booted into Android! 😀 But turns out I can’t actually use it as it not a proper USB port. As explained by

So I either need to mod my usb cable or go and by this OTG version. Failing that, have Arch Linux running a VNC server but currently Arch (ARM) is not running correctly.

As I write breakthoughs are being made by “stuart_faust” in the Gooseberry Forums and hopefully it should all be working soon!

Got my Gooseberry…