Coda 2 by Panic…

Here at hozzamedia we use Coda. A brilliant IDE for coding in PHP, HTML, CSS and JS by Panic. Amazing software (especially when coupled with Transmit [their File Transfer client)).

Panic have now finally released their new IDE Coda 2. With some major program and work-flow improvements, which I wont go into as you can see it all on their webpage for Coda 2.

However, I’ve never been to keen on the default syntax highlighting, and after using a Dreamweaver themed syntax highlighting for so long and feeling traitorous. I’ve built my own syntax colouring theme (in the old Coda 1 called a SeeStyle), called a SSS file.

My theme is based on various themes all over the net, feel free to use. Its easy on the eye and makes coding easier.

Download hozzamedia.sss

Coda 2 by Panic…