Linux Review: CrunchBang 10…

I’ve recently made the move to Linux as my main OS, (post soon to come) and so over the last few weeks/months, I’ve been looking into different Linux based OS’s, to replace my Mac+Coda+Transmit workflow.

Now, most of my staff (admin and sales) run on Ubuntu Linux due to it’s simplicity, compatibility and effectiveness out-of-the-box and the Unity GUI is perfect for new comers, even if it is a tad cumbersome and frustrating for Linux veterans.

One of the Linux OS’s I’ve been looking into recently is CrunchBang 10 (a.k.a ‘#!’). Continue reading “Linux Review: CrunchBang 10…”

Linux Review: CrunchBang 10…

Skype 4 on Debain 6 64bit…

Due to some poor planning on behalf of Micro$haft, Skype 4 64bit support (the current version at the time of posting) for Debian 6 64bit and many derivatives such as CrunchBang 10 64bit has been screwed up. Skype should work in Debian 7 64bit and CrunchBang 11 64bit.

After some frustration and terminal-error output-monitoring. I’ve come up with a Skype package that does work on Debian 6 64bit etc.

Using some documentation found on the Skype site and other forums, I’ve built this package by overwriting some files with newer/older/different versions and a few file renames.

You can see my progress and disrepair over at the CrunchBang forums,

You can download my Skype package (h0zza mod) here:

Extract the archive to a folder called “bin” in your home directory. e.g. “/home/username/bin/skype-”. You can then run Skype by entering this, into a terminal.

<code>LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/bin/skype-$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ~/bin/skype-</code>

It should work just fine, however only use “user generated” packages (like this one) as a last resort. In my case there was no other option.

As usual, I’m not responsible if your computer die’s, related or unrelated to this package! They call it CrunchBang for a reason! 😛 (It really should be fine, just covering my ass.)

I really wish there was a good alternative to Skype.

Skype 4 on Debain 6 64bit…