Ubuntu for Everyone?

Recently, after convulsing one to many times from the constant Windows Woes from some of my friends.

I was asked about Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and would it be right for them, to my horror.

I gave up with the religiously preaching the good holy word of Linux a few years back, as if you’re the reason someone makes the change. Your t3ch-supp0rt ’till the end of yo days.

So when, in the odd occasion I do get asked about Linux/Ubuntu, I’m always truthful and much less pushy – even apprehensive, but for the average office based person or email/internet/light gaming person, Ubuntu truly is amazing.

Really quick, uses the hardware better in most cases and the little touches that power users seem to over look such as the HUD, Workspaces, Window Management etc are such an improvement from the standard Windows workflow.

I think this is just by Ubuntu appreciation moment.

Ubuntu for Everyone?