Got my Gooseberry…

Finally got my Gooseberry through! And all of the cables (kinda).

  1. Got a HDMI micro (which was wrong, so I then got a HDMI mini) to HDMI cable.
  2. Got a USB to USB Mini cable (which was wrong, more on that later)
  3. Got an externally powered USB hub, for pluggin in HDD’s, mouse and keyboard.
  4. The Class 10 16 GB Micro SD card for Arch later on.

Got it all plugged in and finally found the power button ūüėõ and it booted into Android! ūüėÄ But turns out I can’t actually use it as it not a¬†proper¬†USB port. As explained by¬†

So I either need to mod my usb cable or go and by this OTG version. Failing that, have Arch Linux running a VNC server but currently Arch (ARM) is not running correctly.

As I write breakthoughs are being made by¬†“stuart_faust” in the Gooseberry Forums and¬†hopefully¬†it should all be working soon!

Got my Gooseberry…

Gooseberry and PingGNU…

So I ordered my Gooseberry (Raspberry Pi alternative) and all the necessary cables etc.

  1. The memory card for the OS, 16 GB, Class 10, Micro SD.
  2. A HDMI mini to HDMI cable.
  3. A USB mini to USB (female).

I might need an externally powered USB hub to use a mouse and a keyboard at the same time, but we’ll see. I plan to be doing most of the work through terminal or (when the GUI is set up) the SSH/VNC.


Pronounced: Pingu (see wiki)

The name is made up of the networking tool ping and the GNU. Fitting for a Linux thingy. I should really explain that I have a squishy teddy-thing¬†penguin (about 40cm tall) and I plan to open him up and install the new¬†Gooseberry board running Arch Linux. Power or data transfer LED just behind the fabric of his eye (so his eye lights up) and write some kind of script to¬†utilize¬†voice¬†commands¬†with google voice search. Continue reading “Gooseberry and PingGNU…”

Gooseberry and PingGNU…

Arch Linux…

Wow, Arch Linux… wow.

I’ve been getting sucked into the whole¬†Raspberry¬†Pi scene and hence the¬†Gooseberry¬†(RPi¬†alternative), and recently found out that the¬†primary¬†compatible¬†OS for Gooseberry is going to be Arch Linux.

Off I go into blindly installing Arch Linux, I fail miserably. Not really understanding anything about what Arch is and how it works. I go back to their world-renowned wiki documentation, truly the best and most detailed documentation I have ever come across. Amazing.

I manage to get Arch¬†installed and working¬†beautifully¬†in a VM with Openbox, cairo-compmgr, xorg etc…¬†Lovely¬†OS.¬†Perhaps¬†my¬†favorite¬†so far. I seriously¬†recommend¬†getting¬†involved¬†with Arch Linux, if only to teach yourself about the inner workings and correct¬†configuration¬†of a Linux. Continue reading “Arch Linux…”

Arch Linux…