Bose AE2W Review…

The first half of this post is about my other contenders for a suitable headphone, if you want to skip that, you can jump straight to the winning Bose AE2W review below.

Recently I decided I needed some good headphones, I’m currently using the iPhone 5 default headphones for around 4-5 hours a day and their half in-ear approach, while good for short periods, is not comfortable in the long run and the sound quality is nothing to write home about.

I was looking to spend a decent amount of money on some really nice headphones that will work well while out-and-about, while in the office and stand the test of time. My maximum budget was around £300 ($450).

After the basic Googling (using the verb Googling to reference DuckDuckGo) I found the Sennheiser Momentum (, Sennheiser’s first mobile/life-style designed headphones. I have used Sennheiser’s headphone before and while many of the older models are amazing they are certifiably not mobile or built for general use (a.k.a life-style design). Continue reading “Bose AE2W Review…”

Bose AE2W Review…

Ubuntu Time Machine Backup…

I have been on a bit of a mission to get my Apple MacBook Pro to backup to my Ubuntu Server using the Time After alot of research turns out it was to much hassle for my liking.

You can enable Mac’s Time to see unorthodox network and external drives by typing to following into the terminal.

defaults write  TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

Time could then see the samba shared network drive but could not backup to it correctly due to Ubuntu not supporting AFP (Apple Filing Protocol).

There is a way to get AFP working with Ubuntu therefore theoretically allowing Time backup to a Ubuntu server, sadly it was to much effort.

Instead i would suggest using CrashPlan, i will post a tutorial soon.

Ubuntu Time Machine Backup…