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If by Whiskey…

My love for good Whiskey stared a few years back. Now I’m not talking Jack Daniels or Bells the drinks that everyone has from the age of 16 18 21, but real, Whiskey. Since it has now become more of… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu for Everyone?

Recently, after convulsing one to many times from the constant Windows Woes from some of my friends. I was asked about Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and would it be right for them, to my horror. I gave up with the religiously… Continue Reading →

XBMC: Perfect Home Media Server.

Intro & Hardware Since I’ve recently made the move from Mac OSX to Linux, I’ve been toying with the idea of swapping my standard (and expensive) cable TV for something slightly more suitable… I’ve used XBMC (xbox media center, which… Continue Reading →

Xubuntu: Not enough free disk space on /boot

Today I ran into a problem when trying to install some updates for my Xubuntu 12.10… I got a message saying: Its suggestion of ‘sudo apt-get clean’ didn’t do anything, nor did ‘sudo apt-get autoclean’, ‘sudo apt-get autoremove’, etc. After… Continue Reading →

Linux Playing DVD over Network…

The problem! I’ve got an extraordinary TV/Media Server set-up using XBMCbuntu (more to come on that soon) with a DVD drive, however my main computer in the office (amazing as it is) does not have a disc drive. So watching… Continue Reading →

PHP Next in an Associative Array…

This might me useful for some people… If you want to echo the value of the next ‘key->value pair’ in an associative array. You can use: Where $arr is the associative array, $keys is the $arr keys as values with… Continue Reading →

Triple Screen Wallpapers…

I’ve now got 3 screens… and with every sliver lining there is a cloud. I had NO wallpapers that spanned across all three screens (4240x1050px)! :O Here are some of my favourites!

Sublime Text 2 Word Wrap Problem…

Recently I’ve been using ST2 on my new all-Linux setup, with the SFTP plugin of course… However, I did come across some issues with certain file types not conforming to the predefined settings for no word wrapping. Simply changing the… Continue Reading →

The Linux Family…

When I came across this, I just loved it. Pretty much the family tree for all Linux distros… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Linux_Distribution_Timeline.svg

ChangeLog Generator 2.2 Update…

Have updated the hmChangeLog, this is a major one! 😀 See (http://blog.hozzamedia.com/website-design/applications/changelog-generator/) for more details!

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