Netflix on Ubuntu or XBMCbuntu…

Currently (2013-02) Netflix cannot run on Linux. Due to its reliance on Micro$haft Silverlight and DRM (digital rights management a.k.a the chains restricting human development). Silverlight is just Microsoft’s version of Adobe Flash.

Linux does have its own version of Silverlight called Moonlight, however it doesn’t have the DRM Netflix requires, but praise to the up-stream, someone hacked it!

Using WINE (Windows Is Not Emulated), a sort of Windows emulator and some modded FF (Firefox)/Silverlight files, Netflix will run beautifully!

Head over to, for detailed instructions.

If your following along from my Perfect Home Media Server post or using XBMCbuntu you may come across an Xorg compositing issue, as I did. Solution for that is here, and more info here,

Netflix on Ubuntu or XBMCbuntu…

3 thoughts on “Netflix on Ubuntu or XBMCbuntu…

  1. Corey says:

    hi, thanks for the link to the instructions… i’m having that problem with it giving me an error about turning on compositing. so i went to the crazysquirrel link and followed that instruction.
    got to that part that says “Now to turn on compositing. Open the KDE control center and go to “Desktop > Window Behaviour”. ”
    i’m not a huge linux user, but where do i go in xbmcbuntu to open the kde control center? i can’t seem to find it…

    1. KDE is a Desktop Environment (the way windows look and the desktop []) xbmcbuntu is based on Lubuntu which uses the LXDE (a Desktop Environment), the KDE settings do not apply to you.

      Just following the setting regarding the xorg configuration! 🙂

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    Using XBMCbuntu 12.2, I followed the xorg instructions and got the netflix video to work, but there’s no sound…
    Any ideas?

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