“Take two on my rapping debut…”

The goal from years ago… was to ‘sudo reboot‘ this old but beloved achieve – Update the style, scope of content, all with a swanky new domain. However – only managing to half-heartedly start the process and get utterly distracted (bewildered) by; life, work, games (yes, AFK!) and sailing…

Originally spawning as hmBlog ( it quickly morphed into it’s own thing – separate from work – over-time brimming full of bits & bobs (foos and bars) and even becoming somewhat popular at one point (at least by my standards)… We’re moving on considerably from there with a new word-focused style and a new lease on life.

I’ve picked up a couple of  work, life & code tricks along the way and plan to jot-down a few of them… with a possibly neater (or at-least improved!) writing style.

At the end of the day, I love to write and love to read – merely being awful at both hasn’t stopped me so far! Always over-excitable and ever so slightly obsessed – reading reviews, blogs and articles of finance, business and programming (backend/UI/UX) – it’s almost an obligatory need to participate, even if it is just for the love of it…

Looking forward (hopefully, with take two)… I’ve got a few new reviews in the works, a couple of popular work/laptop bags, some more headphones and other curiosities such as my workstation over-the-years and how that helps productivity, the apps & services I use/develop/abuse and some other odds & bobs I’m probably a tad too enthusiastic about for my own good…

At the end of the day, this blog is for the future me, my obsessions and journal of interest, I encourage my readers far-and-wide to do the same!  – as even at it’s least, keeping this blog barely-alive over these years has taught me a lot about writing, after all, starting out hardly able to string a few sentences together and now I’m copy-editing marketing pages at an alarming pace!

Completely worth the hours of typing and learning if you ask me! 💯


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