Most amazing apps for a jailbroken iPhone…

Here are some of our favourite apps for the jailbroken iPhone. Such as backgrounder the app minimizer, winterboard the theme customizer, dTunes and many more…

Install backgrounder

Install BigBoss’s Doc application

  • Why: Will read/display word excel, PPT, PDF, etc and play mp3, video files (I use it in conjunction with MobiWee, until I can transfer it to the mp3/ringtones folder).
  • Download on Cydia/Rock my Phone: (
  • To find MobiWee/any other app:
    • Navigate to:
      1. Root
      2. Applications
      3. List of applications is trial and error at this point, just click each and it should be obvious what the app is (don’t worry, docs remembers the last folder you opened when you close it so essentially you only have to do this once)
      4. Documents
      5. Click on a document to play/view it

Install Winterboard

Install Categories

Install Dtunes

  • Why: allows you to download video, music, torrents; comes with a built in media player
  • Where: Rockmyphone/Cydia

Install Kirikae

  • Why: allows you double click the home button to switch between apps/close them (very useful if you also use backgrounder).
  • Where: Rockmyphone/Cydia
Most amazing apps for a jailbroken iPhone…

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