Linux Tar and Symbolic Links…

Some of our programs use symbolic links but some of our new systems don’t support them. Time to tar (archive) and place on a dev server for re-thinking. Ziping or simply downloading will not work (usually) as the symbolic links will break.

In this case tar is our friend! We can use tar to archive and move the files.

To add files to a new archive use:

$ tar cvf archive.tar dirname/

  • c = create new archive
  • v = verbose – show workings
  • f = next is the archive name

After the archive name simply type the path to the directory or files you want to archive. (Tip: “./” dot slash work well to include everything in the current working directory)

To un-archive a tar:

$ tar xvf archive.tar
  • x = extract

Note: This will not compress the archive. see [] for more info.

Linux Tar and Symbolic Links…

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