Linux Review: CrunchBang 10…

I’ve recently made the move to Linux as my main OS, (post soon to come) and so over the last few weeks/months, I’ve been looking into different Linux based OS’s, to replace my Mac+Coda+Transmit workflow.

Now, most of my staff (admin and sales) run on Ubuntu Linux due to it’s simplicity, compatibility and effectiveness out-of-the-box and the Unity GUI is perfect for new comers, even if it is a tad cumbersome and frustrating for Linux veterans.

One of the Linux OS’s I’ve been looking into recently is CrunchBang 10 (a.k.a ‘#!’).

CrunchBang is currently based on Debian – the most stable and best for production servers IMO, even if it’s stability does hinder its ability to stay up-to-date with cutting edge software.

#! 10 is basically an OpenBox GUI + Tweaks implementation of Debian 6, headed up by the sole developer known as ‘corenominal’ and you can find corenominal’s blog here. (Philip Newborough IRL), who has just started to branch out some development work to the community via. GitHub.

OpenBox is one of my favourite Linux GUI’s (or Window Manager [WM]/Desktop Environment [DE]) only second to XFCE (due to its cross between usability and configuration). It’s a very nice, light weight environment perfect for people who like to keep things streamlined and simple. KISS principle.

CrunchBang 10 is a truly wonderful OS with an even greater online community, by far the best I’ve come across, perhaps comparable in perfection to the vast scope of Arch Linux’s Wiki.

After some setup, CrunchBang is definitely a DE for someone like myself, however, after some use and fair assessment  CrunchBang 10 has a fair bit to go before it becomes a truly usable and enjoyable DE. It still feels very beta… With some old software and uniform workflow/GUI imperfections. (even with the Backports option).

Although I don’t think #! should be based of any other distribution  Debian 6 does seem to be holding CrunchBang 10 back in the usability front. I much prefer less-stable and more-advances in my software for my DE.

From what I have read, hopefully CrunchBang 11 (based on Debian 7) will give the OS’s that little bit extra to bring it into play with the more polished OS’s.

All-in-all, a truly wonderful OS’s and I recommend you give it a try, even if it’s just in VirtualBox!

Please remember to support the CrunchBang project it you like it, continue the incredible mentality of the CrunchBang community and always download the OS ISO via. torrent to minimise the cost for corenominal.

Rating: 7.5/10

Linux Review: CrunchBang 10…

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