Gooseberry and PingGNU…

So I ordered my Gooseberry (Raspberry Pi alternative) and all the necessary cables etc.

  1. The memory card for the OS, 16 GB, Class 10, Micro SD.
  2. A HDMI mini to HDMI cable.
  3. A USB mini to USB (female).

I might need an externally powered USB hub to use a mouse and a keyboard at the same time, but we’ll see. I plan to be doing most of the work through terminal or (when the GUI is set up) the SSH/VNC.


Pronounced: Pingu (see wiki)

The name is made up of the networking tool ping and the GNU. Fitting for a Linux thingy. I should really explain that I have a squishy teddy-thing penguin (about 40cm tall) and I plan to open him up and install the new Gooseberry board running Arch Linux. Power or data transfer LED just behind the fabric of his eye (so his eye lights up) and write some kind of script to utilize voice commands with google voice search.

All the ports of the Gooseberry will be protruding from the seam on his back and the wireless connected to my home WiFi – allowing me to SSH/VNC through to PingGNU. I plan to run a small web server from PingGNU (lighttpd with PHP) running something like OwnCloud.

Once everything is set up, inc. the Microphone and small speaker. I should be able to say “PingGNU” to start the recording of my voice command, and send it off to the google voice search to return results, which hopefully I will be able to get spoken back to me verbally, with some text to speech program.

First objective it to have a Penguin that you can ask questions, Second to have a torrent/media server? and third a social hub… i.e. Setup an appealingly named add hock network (with the onboard wireless) and allow people to connect without a password, take a battery-powered PingGNU into a cafe or something similar and have a small file/chat web server running.

Not really any practical reason to build PingGNU, just for fun. I’ll keep you updated with the project. Wish me luck!

P.S. will add photo soon!

Gooseberry and PingGNU…

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