Recently, due to Google’s change of heart regarding its “Don’t Be Evil” slogan. I’ve been looking into alternative search engines.

Been using DuckDuckGo (a.k.a. DDG) for a while and really starting to love this beast! Its not the best when it comes to search index size. But if, in that rare occasion it doesn’t have what your looking for, you can always use the !Bang syntax, to search directly on Google (and hundreds of others).

So for example, if you were searching for… “Awesome Cupcakes” and DDG couldn’t find anything relevant, you can just type in “!g Awesome Cupcakes” and it will take you over to an encrypted Google search, same goes for The Pirate Bay (!tpb), Google Images (!gi) and many many more..

They don’t bubble or track (one of the main reasons I’m using them) and they generally provide a better searching experience for someone technical, like myself.

You can either head over to or you can use for EOU. Also checkout their goodies page (or tech goodies) for all the awesome litlle bit you can do with DDG.

If you do want to give DDG a go, don’t forget to change your homepage and default search engine in FireFox, Chrome etc. – It explains how on the home page.

Happy N3rdin.

P.S. DDG supports Tor… Just Sayin.


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