Converting video to MP4…

Converting Video with HandBreak for use with iPhone’s, iPod’s, iTunes, HTC’s and many others.

To convert your video, in this tutorial we will be using HandBreak a video manipulation program. (and the best if you ask me).

When you open HandBreak it will ask you to select a source. Simply put the source is the file you wish to convert, navigate to the desired file and click on choose.

Above I have split the screenshot of HandBreak into colored sections.

  • Blue: The source information. (Your original file)
  • Red: The output information. (Your new converted file)
  • Yellow: Techie info that few need to know about.
  • Green: Your settings.

The Blue section tells you information about the file you wish to convert, such as length.

The Green section asks you what will you be using your converted file for. For example if you choose iPhone, HandBreak will optimize the video for use with the iPhone. If you just want to watch the video on you computer or are not really fussed, then “Normal” is always a good option.

In the Red section you should notice a dropdown box titled “format” here you can choose from two file types. MP4 and MKV, MP4 is the most commonly used video format, works well with iPhones etc. You may also choose where the output (your converted file) will be stored using the destination browse button.

Once you have chosen all of your settings and configurations, hit Start, and wait for the magic to finish…

And after waiting a few minutes depending on the size of your video, Robert is very much your mothers brother. You have one converted video.

Converting video to MP4…

3 thoughts on “Converting video to MP4…

  1. Hozza says:

    I will be writing a new post soon about conversion to other file types. 🙂 I will post the link.

  2. hozza says:

    recently I’ve started using ffmpeg strain in terminal linux/macOS for video compression..

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