Change your iPhone’s root password…

It is always a good idea to change your iPhones root password after a Jailbreak as the iPhone has terrible security issues and they can all be fixed by changing your root password. This blog with show you how…

  • Why you should: (To avoid the iPhone worm and avoid future security breaches).
  • How-To via:
  • These instructions assume you are running iPhone OS 3.0 or above
    1. The app to use on the iPhone is called MobileTerminal and it’s available for free in the Cydia store.
    2. Once you have MobileTerminal installed, launch it and you should see a prompt saying this or similar:
    3. iPhoneName: ~ Mobile$
    4. At that prompt, type: passwd
    5. You’ll be prompted for the ‘old’ (current) password for the mobile user. Enter this as the old password: alpine
    6. You’ll then be prompted to enter the new password – so just type in your desired new password. Use good password principles if possible (long and stong). You will not see characters appearing on the screen as you type – that’s normal, not a concern.
    7. You’ll then be prompted to re-enter the new password. Do that.
    8. You should then be returned to the Mobile$ prompt that you started on when opening the MobileTerminal app. There’s no success message to say the password was changed – but if you’re returned to the prompt and do not get an error, the change was successful. And you’re done with change for the mobile account.
    9. The second primary admin account for the iPhone is called root – so now you need to change that as well.
    10. Type this to switch to the root user: login root
    11. You’ll be prompted for the root user’s current password. Enter this: alpine
    12. Type this to start the password change routine again: passwd
    13. Enter the old password for root (it is ‘alpine’, same as for the mobile user) and enter your desired new password twice, just as you did for the mobile account
    14. Done.
Change your iPhone’s root password…

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