Sublime Text 2 Word Wrap Problem…

Recently I’ve been using ST2 on my new all-Linux setup, with the SFTP plugin of course…

However, I did come across some issues with certain file types not conforming to the predefined settings for no word wrapping.

Simply changing the ‘line break column number’ (have forgotten the actual variable name and I’m not at a computer ATM) to something large such as “9999”, seems to be an affective work around for now.

Sublime Text 2 Word Wrap Problem…

Conky Resource Dial/Rings…

After CrunchBang 10 opened my eyes to Conky, I’ve been thoroughly invested in making my perfect Conky configuration for my development desktop! 😛

Phase 1: The Dial… It was rather complicated to get a working LUA script to create these dials, but here we go.

LUA is Conky’s, as JS is too HTML. The Conky config just lays things out and includes any external scripts.

And LUA actually makes the dial from some of Conky’s predefined objects.

Conky Dial/RingIn the screen-shot to the left you can see the simple but damn awesome dial in the bottom right.

Just click the image to enlarge! 🙂

Side Note: Please excuse the sickening monstrosity in the image, it is only required for a temporary project involving WINE. – it’s not connected to the internet.

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Conky Resource Dial/Rings…

Linux Review: CrunchBang 10…

I’ve recently made the move to Linux as my main OS, (post soon to come) and so over the last few weeks/months, I’ve been looking into different Linux based OS’s, to replace my Mac+Coda+Transmit workflow.

Now, most of my staff (admin and sales) run on Ubuntu Linux due to it’s simplicity, compatibility and effectiveness out-of-the-box and the Unity GUI is perfect for new comers, even if it is a tad cumbersome and frustrating for Linux veterans.

One of the Linux OS’s I’ve been looking into recently is CrunchBang 10 (a.k.a ‘#!’). Continue reading “Linux Review: CrunchBang 10…”

Linux Review: CrunchBang 10…

Skype 4 on Debain 6 64bit…

Due to some poor planning on behalf of Micro$haft, Skype 4 64bit support (the current version at the time of posting) for Debian 6 64bit and many derivatives such as CrunchBang 10 64bit has been screwed up. Skype should work in Debian 7 64bit and CrunchBang 11 64bit.

After some frustration and terminal-error output-monitoring. I’ve come up with a Skype package that does work on Debian 6 64bit etc.

Using some documentation found on the Skype site and other forums, I’ve built this package by overwriting some files with newer/older/different versions and a few file renames.

You can see my progress and disrepair over at the CrunchBang forums,

You can download my Skype package (h0zza mod) here:

Extract the archive to a folder called “bin” in your home directory. e.g. “/home/username/bin/skype-”. You can then run Skype by entering this, into a terminal.

<code>LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/bin/skype-$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ~/bin/skype-</code>

It should work just fine, however only use “user generated” packages (like this one) as a last resort. In my case there was no other option.

As usual, I’m not responsible if your computer die’s, related or unrelated to this package! They call it CrunchBang for a reason! 😛 (It really should be fine, just covering my ass.)

I really wish there was a good alternative to Skype.

Skype 4 on Debain 6 64bit…

Transmission IP Blocklist…

Yet again, adding an IP blocklist to Transmission Bit Torrent Client has become even more obscure.

Currently the only way to add an IP blocklist without using external programs is by manually editing the programs config files. This is possible on all OS’s that Transmission supports, however the file paths I’ll be using in this post are for Linux, other than file locations, everything else should be universal.

The config file can be located at:


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Transmission IP Blocklist…

Linux Tar and Symbolic Links…

Some of our programs use symbolic links but some of our new systems don’t support them. Time to tar (archive) and place on a dev server for re-thinking. Ziping or simply downloading will not work (usually) as the symbolic links will break.

In this case tar is our friend! We can use tar to archive and move the files.

To add files to a new archive use:

$ tar cvf archive.tar dirname/

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Linux Tar and Symbolic Links…

Got my Gooseberry…

Finally got my Gooseberry through! And all of the cables (kinda).

  1. Got a HDMI micro (which was wrong, so I then got a HDMI mini) to HDMI cable.
  2. Got a USB to USB Mini cable (which was wrong, more on that later)
  3. Got an externally powered USB hub, for pluggin in HDD’s, mouse and keyboard.
  4. The Class 10 16 GB Micro SD card for Arch later on.

Got it all plugged in and finally found the power button 😛 and it booted into Android! 😀 But turns out I can’t actually use it as it not a proper USB port. As explained by

So I either need to mod my usb cable or go and by this OTG version. Failing that, have Arch Linux running a VNC server but currently Arch (ARM) is not running correctly.

As I write breakthoughs are being made by “stuart_faust” in the Gooseberry Forums and hopefully it should all be working soon!

Got my Gooseberry…

Gooseberry and PingGNU…

So I ordered my Gooseberry (Raspberry Pi alternative) and all the necessary cables etc.

  1. The memory card for the OS, 16 GB, Class 10, Micro SD.
  2. A HDMI mini to HDMI cable.
  3. A USB mini to USB (female).

I might need an externally powered USB hub to use a mouse and a keyboard at the same time, but we’ll see. I plan to be doing most of the work through terminal or (when the GUI is set up) the SSH/VNC.


Pronounced: Pingu (see wiki)

The name is made up of the networking tool ping and the GNU. Fitting for a Linux thingy. I should really explain that I have a squishy teddy-thing penguin (about 40cm tall) and I plan to open him up and install the new Gooseberry board running Arch Linux. Power or data transfer LED just behind the fabric of his eye (so his eye lights up) and write some kind of script to utilize voice commands with google voice search. Continue reading “Gooseberry and PingGNU…”

Gooseberry and PingGNU…