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Bits, Bytes and WTFs…

Written on 2012-06-18. I think its important to understand the little things. An understanding of the small parts of the whole give a greater understanding of the entirety. I’m quite surprised at just how difficult it was to find the information and how poorly… Continue Reading →

Stream movies to iPad…

All my movies are stored on my telly-computer, in the front room, and sometimes I just want to watch them in bed on the iPad, or even download them to the iPad for watching while out and about. The proper… Continue Reading →

Bose AE2W Follow-up Review…

I’ve been using the Bose AE2W Wireless Bluetooth headphones for a while now. I’m truly amazed at their quality (sound and make), their comfort and useability. There’s a more detailed review over at Bose AE2W, this post is just to… Continue Reading →

Bose AE2W Review…

The first half of this post is about my other contenders for a suitable headphone, if you want to skip that, you can jump straight to the winning Bose AE2W review below. Recently I decided I needed some good headphones,… Continue Reading →

Netflix on Ubuntu or XBMCbuntu…

Currently (2013-02) Netflix cannot run on Linux. Due to its reliance on Micro$haft Silverlight and DRM (digital rights management a.k.a the chains restricting human development). Silverlight is just Microsoft’s version of Adobe Flash. Linux does have its own version of… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu for Everyone?

Recently, after convulsing one to many times from the constant Windows Woes from some of my friends. I was asked about Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and would it be right for them, to my horror. I gave up with the religiously… Continue Reading →

XBMC: Perfect Home Media Server.

Intro & Hardware Since I’ve recently made the move from Mac OSX to Linux, I’ve been toying with the idea of swapping my standard (and expensive) cable TV for something slightly more suitable… I’ve used XBMC (xbox media center, which… Continue Reading →

Xubuntu: Not enough free disk space on /boot

Today I ran into a problem when trying to install some updates for my Xubuntu 12.10… I got a message saying: Its suggestion of ‘sudo apt-get clean’ didn’t do anything, nor did ‘sudo apt-get autoclean’, ‘sudo apt-get autoremove’, etc. After… Continue Reading →

Linux Playing DVD over Network…

The problem! I’ve got an extraordinary TV/Media Server set-up using XBMCbuntu (more to come on that soon) with a DVD drive, however my main computer in the office (amazing as it is) does not have a disc drive. So watching… Continue Reading →

Triple Screen Wallpapers…

I’ve now got 3 screens… and with every sliver lining there is a cloud. I had NO wallpapers that spanned across all three screens (4240x1050px)! :O Here are some of my favourites!

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