Bose AE2W Follow-up Review…

I’ve been using the Bose AE2W Wireless Bluetooth headphones for a while now. I’m truly amazed at their quality (sound and make), their comfort and useability.

There’s a more detailed review over at Bose AE2W, this post is just to confirm my early review. These things are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone.

However have found that the built-in mic can pick up the sound of the wind when on the phone and that the omni-button for play/pause etc. is less than easy to press, it has a dull push which makes it hard to double-click quickly to change songs.

Even when considering these two short-falls, they are still the best headphones I’ve ever used. The battery life is very long-lasting, takes days of music to require a recharge!

Bose AE2W Follow-up Review…

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