Best Minecraft Texture Packs…

Minecraft is simply amazing.

Now im not a gamer and never intend to be, however, Minecraft is just awesome and is soo much fun ^^

Simply put, your a guy, in a world, where you can do anything you wish. The only game objective it to live your life.

You can build buildings, mine for better materials to build with or use them in your every day life, fight monsters at night (Creepers are simply epic), farm, invent, explore, adventure, you name it you can do it in Minecraft!

One of the better things about Minecraft is its ability to use different themes for your worlds called ‘texture packs’ and after much usage and research here are my favourite ones (in no particular order)…






Cube Craft





Best Minecraft Texture Packs…

One thought on “Best Minecraft Texture Packs…

  1. hozza says:

    Solid post… still love minecraft, although I don’t get to play it much anymore ;D

    The only issue is the Microsoft purchase and development of a Win10 only option – hints that they’ll be axing the JAVA (Linux/macOS etc) version in the future.

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