Netflix on Ubuntu or XBMCbuntu…

Currently (2013-02) Netflix cannot run on Linux. Due to its reliance on Micro$haft Silverlight and DRM (digital rights management a.k.a the chains restricting human development). Silverlight is just Microsoft’s version of Adobe Flash.

Linux does have its own version of Silverlight called Moonlight, however it doesn’t have the DRM Netflix requires, but praise to the up-stream, someone hacked it!

Using WINE (Windows Is Not Emulated), a sort of Windows emulator and some modded FF (Firefox)/Silverlight files, Netflix will run beautifully!

Head over to, for detailed instructions.

If your following along from my Perfect Home Media Server post or using XBMCbuntu you may come across an Xorg compositing issue, as I did. Solution for that is here, and more info here,

Netflix on Ubuntu or XBMCbuntu…

If by Whiskey…

My love for good Whiskey stared a few years back. Now I’m not talking Jack Daniels or Bells the drinks that everyone has from the age of 16 18 21, but real, Whiskey.

Since it has now become more of a collection obsession rather than just a better drink, here come the posts…

It all started in an Airport and some mystery older woman and some spare must-spend-or-it-wont-count holiday money. I bowled it into some liqueur shop and gave her the old “I like JD etc, can you suggest something better for around £25?”.

Obviously realising she had a noob on her hands, she paused and pointed me to Glenfiddich 12yr without a fuss and without smiting my noobish demeanour.

Glenfiddich 12

After a flight with some rather exasperated flight attendants, and a few more Glenfiddich 12yr over the coming months.

I found myself with a nice collection of green bottles on my fake-fireplace shelf.

Glenfiddich 12yr (although I didn’t know it then) as The Whiskey Flavour, the wooden, spiced, Scottish grunt that all the best Whiskeys do…

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If by Whiskey…

Ubuntu for Everyone?

Recently, after convulsing one to many times from the constant Windows Woes from some of my friends.

I was asked about Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and would it be right for them, to my horror.

I gave up with the religiously preaching the good holy word of Linux a few years back, as if you’re the reason someone makes the change. Your t3ch-supp0rt ’till the end of yo days.

So when, in the odd occasion I do get asked about Linux/Ubuntu, I’m always truthful and much less pushy – even apprehensive, but for the average office based person or email/internet/light gaming person, Ubuntu truly is amazing.

Really quick, uses the hardware better in most cases and the little touches that power users seem to over look such as the HUD, Workspaces, Window Management etc are such an improvement from the standard Windows workflow.

I think this is just by Ubuntu appreciation moment.

Ubuntu for Everyone?

XBMC: Perfect Home Media Server.

Intro & Hardware

Since I’ve recently made the move from Mac OSX to Linux, I’ve been toying with the idea of swapping my standard (and expensive) cable TV for something slightly more suitable…

I’ve used XBMC (xbox media center, which nowadays has nothing to do with xbox) for a while on other systems and with some config, I reckon it could make a good TV.

I had some old hardware laying around, a HP xw4400, Dual Core Duo Intel CPU, 4GiB RAM, new DVD drive and new 1TiB HDD and the standard 300ish GiB HDD, I slapped a cheap £30 graphics card in there so it can handle HD well and a gigabit NIC, wired of course.

I ran an Ethernet from my AirPort Extreme router to the TV with the HP computer (connected by HDMI) and started on the software…

Software and Server

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XBMC: Perfect Home Media Server.

Xubuntu: Not enough free disk space on /boot

Today I ran into a problem when trying to install some updates for my Xubuntu 12.10… I got a message saying:

Xubuntu 20.10 /boot full

Its suggestion of ‘sudo apt-get clean’ didn’t do anything, nor did ‘sudo apt-get autoclean’, ‘sudo apt-get autoremove’, etc. After some Googling (DDGing), I found a solution…

The ‘/boot’ partition is normally rather small (243.0 MiB in my case) and contains Linux Kernel files, these are the files that get your computer going as it should. Think of them as the skeleton of your OS, but for some reason when your skeleton gets upgraded, it leaves the old one behind, which can quickly fill-up your ‘/boot’ partition.

Only one Kernel (skeleton) is used when booting your computer but it’s always good practice to leave one spare laying around just in case, you don’t really need any more than the current one and an old spare one.

Open up terminal and execute this:

dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/(.*)-([^0-9]+)/1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* ([^ ]*).*/1/;/[0-9]/!d'

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Xubuntu: Not enough free disk space on /boot

Linux Playing DVD over Network…

The problem! I’ve got an extraordinary TV/Media Server set-up using XBMCbuntu (more to come on that soon) with a DVD drive, however my main computer in the office (amazing as it is) does not have a disc drive. So watching DVD’s while working (Stargate Atlantis Season 3) is a bit of a pain…

After much research and trial/error using SSHFS to mount the DVD locally, I reverted to VLC, after all its called Video LAN Project for a reason.

After screwing about with the GUI trying to use VLC’s streaming capability. I opted for the terminal approach.

Either on the DVD Server itself or via SSH, run the following command:

vlc -vvv dvdsimple:///dev/sr0 --sout '#standard{access=http,mux=ts,vcodec=x264,dst=:8181}'

and replace “/dev/sr0” with the location of your DVD device, “/dev/sr0” is mine and could work for you as well. Continue reading “Linux Playing DVD over Network…”

Linux Playing DVD over Network…

PHP Next in an Associative Array…

This might me useful for some people…

If you want to echo the value of the next ‘key->value pair’ in an associative array. You can use:

$keys = array_keys($arr);
echo $arr[$keys[(array_search($key, $keys)+1)]];

Where $arr is the associative array, $keys is the $arr keys as values with numerical keys and $key is the $arr key of the key->value pair prior to the one you want to output.


$arr = array(
'12' => 'a',
'14' => 'b',
'20' => 'c',
'23' => 'd'

And you want to output the next value after ’14’=>’b’, which would be ‘c’. All you need to do is define $key = 14;

If you want to output the previous to ’14’=>’b’, just change the “+” to a “-“.

PHP Next in an Associative Array…

Sublime Text 2 Word Wrap Problem…

Recently I’ve been using ST2 on my new all-Linux setup, with the SFTP plugin of course…

However, I did come across some issues with certain file types not conforming to the predefined settings for no word wrapping.

Simply changing the ‘line break column number’ (have forgotten the actual variable name and I’m not at a computer ATM) to something large such as “9999”, seems to be an affective work around for now.

Sublime Text 2 Word Wrap Problem…