Agriculture in the City…

As many of you may know, hozzamedia works closely with a few safety and health organisations. And paradoxically, recently due to the extraordinarily huge work load, I can quite firmly deduce my health has suffered… 😛

But when your cooped up in doors for days on end with no sun or outside influence, how can you stay healthy and work as a coffee guzzling, dark loving, flickering-screen, programming junky?

The answer is simply maintaining a healthy environment, with a few small, seemingly obvious tricks.

  1. Ventilation – Open the Damn windows and put on a jumper.
  2. Cook – Spend some time and make your own food.
  3. Plants…

The first two are simple enough but the third may as well be Goa’uld technology to me and others the-same.

So, as a nerd should, I turned to the internet. It turns out NASA has recently conducted a few experiments regarding plant-life air-purification for obvious reasons, and they’ve nicely compiled a Top Ten list of air-purifying/healthy-for-you plants.

After some deliberation, and a browse around my local garden-centre’s website. I deduced that the Peace Lilly was for me.

I don’t care too much for the flowery additions but rather the air-filtering and the greenery that will be the driving force for a cleaner and healthier environment! 😀

After all healthier programmers = happier programmers = more productive programmers and thus Berny was born.

The poorly lit photo (apologies E.White Photography) is Berny, he now lives on my desk making me healthier!

Now, I’ve never been able to keep anything alive so this will be a challenge but I’ve done a load of research and he’s still alive after two weeks!

Berny seems to be doing me a world of good and is very easy to maintain (as opposed to some Linux Systems I use).

And now… Starts yet another side-project of mine. City/Office Agriculture.

I’m an avid TED viewer and a firm believer in thinking about proper solutions instead of quick and lucrative duck punches.

After being inspire by videos on my Netflix such as “TED: Dan Barber – How I Fell in Love with a Fish“. I came across a remarkable project (and one I’ve thought about many times before but never found a firm starting ground)… WindowFarming.

A simple, cost-effective, rewarding hydroponics solutions for a home or office window. Don’t let the hydroponics scare you off, it’s as simple as a beloved pot plant (i.e. Berny, with an extra API or Web-implementation! :P).

Made from a few drink bottles and a fish-pump (£9.00, air pump) and some seeds etc. You can hang or stand a compact planting system in a window… Plus, it’s all open source.

Check out the video, I’ll be posting pictures etc. about my WindowFarm! 😀

TED: Britta Riley – A Garden in my Apartment.

Agriculture in the City…

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